MJ and Jayna's Babysitting Service


Jayna Gerber

I am 12 years old, born February 17th, 2003. I am a friendly, mother-like, spunky girl. Every summer, for 2 months, I babysit my 7 year old cousin, Elijah, in Florida when my grandparents and uncle are at work. I have 6 animals, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 fish, so petsitting is also okay with us. I have been working with MJ since July 28th, 2014 and Dewey from August 21st, 2014 to April 7th, 2015. I go to Invest Collegiate Imagine, 7th grade. I look forward to watching your wonderful child(ren)!

Languages: English, Sign Language

Maryjane Viramontes

 I am 12 years young, born May 28th, 2003. I am a fun, athletic, smart girl. I am an experienced babysitter because I babysit my 5 year old brother, Adeon, when my parents are at work. I was born and raised in California. I am a dog person, to be more specific, pit bulls. I have been working with Jayna since July 28th, 2014 and Dewey from August 21st, 2014 to April 7th, 2015 . I go to Rugby Middle School ,7th grade.  I am very professional but still good with kids because I am young and know how to unleash my inner child!

Languages: English, some Spanish